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  • Marketing Materials   

Create an attention-getting resume, cover letter and personal commercial.

Refine your interview style, identify likely interview questions based on the position and craft responses. PRACTICE!

The One-on-one Coaching session with Linda gave me a whole new sense of direction and clarity. Linda really listens to what you are asking and thoroughly answers to help you really feel good about moving forward.
- Anonymous

Linda Conklin Careers offers coaching services designed to help you succeed at any stage of your career. Whether you are just starting out, transitioning to a new position or looking to advance in your current position, we can help you manage your career.

The coaching process is customized to address your unique needs. Your engagement with Linda Conklin Careers may be a one-time meeting or an on-going relationship to guide you as you progress through your career.

Coaching very often includes developing:

  • Brand

Identify your unique value position and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • ​​Networking Approach


Conduct Market Research to find out what employers need. Leverage the internet for research and to clarify competencies and skills.

  • Strategy

  • Interviewing Skills

Identify the best networking sources for your career and your strategy.

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