Linda's Etiquette Dinner was such a hit at my firm that we hired her to conduct one for my extended family. It was thoroughly enjoyable and instructive.

- Gary

Raleigh, NC


Linda Conklin Careers offers Career Seminars for professionals from the new college graduate to the seasoned employee. Each seminar has been designed to help you successfully manage your career. Seminars are offered throughout the year or can be tailored and delivered directly to your organization

​Popular Career Seminars include:

Even If You Are On The Right Track,You’ll Get Run Over If You Just Sit There
In a world of change, complexity and competition, how do you keep your career on track? Today, success involves much more than just doing a good job; learn the six steps you need to keep your career from getting derailed.

Manners Matter – Taking Etiquette to Work
The quality of your manners can influence your career success. Knowing the rules of business etiquette can help differentiate you in a highly competitive market. Proper etiquette can not only make a good impression, but can often seal the deal. Learn the rules of business etiquette through an interactive, hands-on dining experience.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Your Guide to a Better Team!
The MBTI, a personality inventory that identifies 16 personality types, is used to help your team work together more effectively. Participants learn about their own type and preferred work style, as well as the type and preferred style of their team members, enabling them to be more productive employees.

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